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Award winning neck pain and headache relief, without medication

Created by Wes Marshall Bsc HONS MCSP SRP, the necksaviour is a unique and innovative product that helps to relieve neck pain and headaches, as well as correct spinal alignment and improve posture. It is a great piece of a equipment to use in my Pilates classes and the perfect relaxation aid to end the session.


necksaviour Mini

The small but mighty necksaviour

As with the original, it's used in the same easy way but is slightly smaller and perfect for travel. 
It features two stretch options:
- Light or strong stretch

necksaviour Classic

The original and most versatile necksaviour

Really easy to use... Just bend it, relax on it and feel the stretch.
The Classic has four stretch options:
- Light or strong stretch
- Long or short neck

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