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EMS Training

Electro Muscle Stimulation

Easy on the joints and time-efficient.
A complete body workout in 20 mins!


A highly effective form of training that utilises low and mid frequency electric currents to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. As a result more muscle fibres are activated when compared to conventional training methods. It is a whole body workout that promotes weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth, and relieves tensions and muscular imbalances.


EMS training utilises the body’s nervous system and activates muscle tissue through electric currents. The goal is to bring the muscle to a state of total contraction and by using EMS more of the muscle is put to work. The intensity of this effect can be controlled through regulation of the electric current itself and the performed exercises.

EMS Training: Tips & Advice
EMS Training: Testimonials

I started an EMS & Pilates training programme at the end of October whilst also adhering to basic nutrition advice in parallel. After 16 weeks I’ve lost 8 kg and have a much stronger core, increased flexibility, and improved balance.

Keti is a great trainer with a real eye for detail who has created a bespoke schedule, incorporating remedials for existing meniscus, AC joint and ankle injuries.

To date I have achieved my desired goals and as result my much-improved fitness will enhance the tours of Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. Following these tours I will resume training in the lead up to the veterans world cup in Cape Town Match 2023.

Peter Rider, England Cricket 50+ Manager

Prices start from £45.
Bespoke plans available.
Get in touch to book your session!

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